Plans for new Mattapoisett Fire Station approved with conditions

Nov 18, 2019

MATTAPOISETT — The Mattapoisett Planning Board approved a site plan review of the proposed fire station at 64 County Road on Monday, Nov. 18, under the condition that revisions be made in accordance with the recommendations of SITEC, the town’s engineering firm. 

Principal among those recommendations were measures to adequately handle water and storm drainage from the proposed fire station, which was an issue that several abuttors also identified as a main concern.

Engineer Katie Enright presented her plans for dealing with drainage in the area, once the new fire station is built. The plans call for a large detention pond that will collect water from the fire station, as well as the nearby police station, skate park, and Hubbard’s Way.

Enright said that the detention pond could be drained in about three hours after being filled with water, and that runoff towards neighboring homes would not be more than it is currently. 

Residents of Pepperbush Lane voiced concerns that they are already dealing with water runoff due to the coastal location of their homes, and proximity to wetlands, and that they didn’t want their problems to be exacerbated by the new development.

Caty Fuerman said that she appreciated Enright’s efforts, but remained concerned based on previous developments, such as a nearby funeral home, that did a poor job of ensuring proper drainage for residents in the neighborhood.

Gabriel Szabo said that he was worried about water drainage in the Mattapoisett Village in the future, as more developments are made, saying that the town seems to be on a trend to become more developed, like neighboring Fairhaven.

Ultimately the board voted to approve the site plan review, contingent on the conditions that unsuitable materials be removed and replaced before the detention pond is built; the board inspect the detention pond during construction to confirm soil consistency and estimated groundwater elevation; the applicant conforms to an inspection schedule for the pond; and a final plan is submitted and reviewed before issuing a building permit.