Protest signs now part of town’s historical record

Jul 20, 2020

MATTAPOISETT — Mattapoisett Museum has started on two projects to document the town’s reaction to race, both in the past and with the events of 2020. 

The museum’s Board President Kyle DeCicco-Carey recognized the historical significance of the June 5 anti-racist protest in town. He asked participants to donate protest signs and flags, and plans to archive these at the museum for posterity.

“When the March in Mattapoisett was announced, I thought it was a great opportunity to not only show my support, but to capture the history that is taking place in the community,” DeCiccio-Carey said. 

He adds that he would like to continue the conversation about racial injustice by planning an future exhibit which will showd the contributions of black people to the town.

“The history of Mattapoisett and the surrounding communities, as fascinating as it is, hasn’t been fully told. I think people are recognizing that [racial discrimination] is all of our problem and it is not going to be solved unless we all get involved,” DeCiccio-Carey said.