Responsibilities drafted for Mattapoisett roadway project committee

Jun 12, 2024

MATTAPOISETT — An outline of the tasks and duties has been drafted for the committee that will oversee the design and construction of the redevelopment of certain roadways in Mattapoisett Village.

The project has generated much discussion within the town and will likely continue to do so as the purpose of the committee — a commission first proposed and approved at town meeting — is finalized in the coming weeks. 

The drafted charge was discussed Tuesday, June 11 by the Mattapoisett Select Board. 

Among other items, the document presented to the select board said the roadway committee will “recommend design changes taking into account public safety impacts, input from residents, and the economics of possible alternatives.”

The draft also charged the future representatives of the commission to “incorporate feedback from members of the public when economically and logistically feasible” and also to “work with town staff, the select board, and hired consultants to ensure that the project continues to move forward in a timely manner and funding is not jeopardized.”

“Its simplicity is appreciated but direct,” Mattapoisett Select Board member Jordan Collyer said regarding the document specifying the committee’s responsibilities. 

Town officials expressed that the membership of the group, rather than its charge, should be the point of focus.

Town Administrator Mike Lorenco said eight interested individuals had applied to serve on the commission as of June 11.

Sandra Hering, chair of the Mattapoisett Tree Committee, said the committee made a recommendation that one of its members should be a member of the roadway commission.

The draft document of the charge further said that the committee will make recommendations to the select board at certain design intervals of the project and provide progress reports at least monthly.

With respect to the commission’s communication with the project consultant, Collyer said it would be made sure that the roadway project committee runs however needed if “people are respecting the position that they’re in” and not taking advantage or abusing authority. 

“The last thing we need to do is add any more wrenches in the works here to slow things down,” he said. “But the minute we get consultants coming back saying ‘These people are driving me nuts and it has to stop,’ that’s when we put a stop to the entire conversation and we rewrite the rules of engagement.”

An information session regarding the village roadway project will be held Tuesday, June 18 by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation at 6:30 p.m. at Old Rochester Regional High School.