Rochester considers recycling inspectors to cut costs

Apr 1, 2019

ROCHESTER — In light of increasing recycling fees for improperly-recycled materials, Selectmen approved more study of a new recycling inspection program.

At an April 1 Board of Selectmen meeting Town Administrator Suzanne Szyndlar explained that the program’s workers, likely students or seniors, would open recycling bins and visually inspect their contents for materials that violate recycling rules. These include things like plastic bags or greasy pizza boxes. 

Szyndlar specified that inspectors would not dig through the bins, only examine the top recyclables. 

She also said that Rochester would do community outreach before the program began, to better inform residents of which materials are recyclable.

“The bottom line is that it will help us to save money, which is what people want,” said Chair Woody Hartley before approving the measure.