Rochester to examine fire station needs

Feb 3, 2020

ROCHESTER — Fire Chief Scott Weigel appeared before the Board of Selectmen on Feb. 3 to ask for a study committee to study building use at the fire station.

The fire station is currently older, and very cramped, but Weigel did not have any initial suggestions for how to fix those issues. He prefers to do a building study on the matter instead. 

Selectman Woody Hartley wanted to make sure that major town-wide decisions were not being made by fire department members alone, and asked if the committee included residents outside the department.

Weigel responded that it did. Selectmen wanted more specific information from Weigel about the types of representatives that he would like to see on a committee, and asked him to reach out to other boards.

They also asked if he could contextualize how much his equipment was worth, to give an average resident a sense of why the building would be needed, and what assets it would house.

Weigel said he would look to make decisions about the fire station a year or two down the road.