Rochester favorite to change hands in March

Feb 27, 2024

ROCHESTER — After 15 years of serving the Rochester community with sandwiches, seafood and plenty more, Matt’s Blackboard announced in early February that the restaurant had been sold.

The announcement received an overflow of support from longtime fans of the Rochester staple on Facebook, including over 275 reactions and 80 comments.

Moving into the space left by Matt’s Blackboard at Rochester’s Plumb Corner will be Costa’s, owned by brothers Rocky and Michael Costa, who will continue to operate the location as a restaurant. 

Courtney Amaral has worked at Matt’s Blackboard for over 14 years, waiting tables and running the social media pages for the restaurant.

Amaral said she has seen the business change over the years, from originally serving breakfast to a shift in focus towards catering and curbside pick-up during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

But according to Amaral, one thing that always remained a constant in the restaurant was happiness.

“I know the Rochester community will remember more than just the amazing dishes that were made from farm to table and the freshness of the food,” said Amaral. “They will remember the laughs, the cries, the engagements, the football games and so many more memories made throughout the years.”

Amaral said that the loyal customers combined with a staff that grew very close to one another made Matt’s Blackboard a special place.

“We have such an incredible bond with each other,” Amaral said of the staff. “Everyone can see that we are more than just "The Blackboard Crew", we are a family.”

The wait staff will remain at Matt’s Blackboard after the change in ownership, according to a facebook post by the restaurant.

“Many of our customers have also grown into family,” said Amaral. “That's a relationship that can never be taken away.”

Matt Gurney, owner of Matt’s Blackboard, declined to comment.