Rochester Fire rescues feline, avoids cat-astrophe

Feb 10, 2022

One cat should be feline lucky after its hunt for a squirrel left it stranded 35 feet up a tree. 

But thanks to the Rochester Fire Department, the cat will live to chase bushy-tailed creatures another day. 

The feline was chasing a squirrel up a tree Feb. 6 on High Street when it found itself 25 feet up the tree, and the department reports on social media, “unable or unwilling to retrace its steps back out.’’

When homeowners were unable to coax the cat down, the fire department got the call. 

A fire department ladder was placed on the tree and several efforts were made to bring the cat down.

The cat had an answer to that: It climbed up another 10 feet, bringing it to a height of 35 feet from the ground and safety.

This required Tower 1 ladder to respond. The cat was continuing to climb up the tree when it was removed from the tree and returned to its owner.

Human intervention from The Rochester Fire Department was needed, the department wrote, since “the squirrel did not stick around to assist.’’