Rochester Historical Society hosts ‘mini fair with historic flair’

Aug 26, 2023

ROCHESTER — With the closing of the annual Rochester Country Fair, the Rochester Historical Society decided to host its own “mini fair with historic flair” on Saturday, Aug. 26.

The Historical Society’s mini-fair had booths selling baked goods and Rochester-branded clothing, as well as a raffle, a scavenger hunt and a “nautical auction” for a canoe and kayak.

At Saturday’s mini fair, while adults browsed books about historic Rochester, kids searched through the Historical Society’s museum at East Rochester Church for answers to an indoor scavenger hunt.

Five-year-old Zachary Pitts and his mother Cindy Pitts, looked around for answers to questions like “In what year was the 250th anniversary of Rochester,” and “what kind of organ is in the museum.”

For non-profit organizations, said Rochester Historical Society President Connie Eshbach, the Country Fair “got you out there, people knew you existed … and we sold a lot of [merchandise] and baked goods.”

“I do think people are missing the fair,” said Eshbach. “It was something to look forward to.”

The mini fair is a way to fill that gap, raise money and get the word out about the Rochester Historical Society, said Eshbach.