Rochester looks to fill government vacancies

Jun 22, 2021

ROCHESTER — The town is in need of some fresh faces in its government as several positions currently sit vacant, according to the Board of Selectmen.

The Conservation Commission has two openings, with another member ready to resign once the other positions are filled, according to Selectman Greenwood Hartley.

The Rochester Memorial School Committee is looking for someone to fill a one-year vacancy.
According to Selectmen, the committee has only one candidate for the position, and is encouraging anyone interested to send their letter of interest to the Old Rochester Regional School District at 135 Marion Rd., Mattapoisett.

Finally, the Board of Selectmen also recognized a retirement notice for the Town Treasurer, Cynthia Mello, effective October 31. Mello has been with the town for 14 years, according to Selectman Bradford Morse.

The Board of Selectmen will begin interviewing candidates for treasurer in July with Mello assisting in the selection process.