Rochester looks to fix drainage issues on 105

Jun 26, 2019

ROCHESTER — Highway Surveyor Jeffrey Eldridge has approached the state about a problem drainage area on Route 105 near Plumb Corner.

Because Route 105 is state highway, Eldridge cannot fix the issue himself, only bring it up to the state.

Planning Board members have theorized that there used to be a drainage system for the state highway which was eventually filled or clogged for some unknown reason, causing the puddles.

Also up for consideration at the June 26 Planning Board was a hearing to fix drainage problems at Plumb Corner. The issues were discovered when REpurpose Properties LLC, came into the plaza looking to add an over 55 housing community.

J.C. Engineering is handling the technical aspects of the fix. Another part of the months-long process has involved adjusting the property lines.

A hearing scheduled for the June 26 meeting was postponed until the July 9 meeting. Planning Board members also commented on the case, saying they should consult Town Counsel Blair Bailey on the details of the project’s easements when he returns from vacation.