Rochester School Committee approves improvement plan

Oct 11, 2018

ROCHESTER — Rochester School Committee members voted on Thursday night to approve a new two-year strategic plan which emphasizes student growth at Rochester Memorial School. 

According to Principal Derek Medeiros, the school plan echoes the goals outlined in the district’s “Vision 2023” strategic plan, which was approved by the Joint School Committee on Sept. 27. 

“It will bring some consistency to all our schools in the district,” said Medeiros. “But, there are some unique pieces to this as well.”

Medeiros said that, in the first year of the plan, the school will focus primarily on reviewing current practices and informing teachers about concepts detailed in the plan. In the second year, the school will provide staff members with examples of those concepts. 

The plan has three primary goals: providing students with 21st century learning, fostering social and emotional competency, and creating a sense of global citizenship. 

A 21st century learner is a student who demonstrates competency in digital literacy, collaboration, and problem-solving. 

The concept includes providing students with more exposure to and more opportunities with “project-based learning.” With project-based learning, students work on a project over an extended period of time and attempt to solve complex issues as a team. 

The second goal emphasizes building positive relationships with students, maintaining good safety practices, and managing behavior. Medeiros added that it is important for the school to research and practice safety drills as often as possible, including active shooter training. 

Global citizenship is designed to expose students to multiculturalism, diversity, and global awareness in all elements of the curriculum. Students, for example, could communicate with people from around the world through video chat while in the classroom. 

The two-year plan was unanimously approved by the school committee, pending a small organizational amendment.