Rochester sets beach and transfer station sticker prices

Dec 2, 2019

ROCHESTER — Selectmen have separated beach and transfer stickers into separate entities, kept beach sticker rates the same as they were, and elected to charge $40 for transfer station stickers. 

Seniors over the age of 70 can get transfer station stickers for $30. Beach stickers will still be $20 for most residents, and free for anyone over 70. 

Selectman Brad Morse brought up the idea of mirroring Marion’s choices when he brought up the issue at a Dec. 2 meeting. Marion set the same price for transfer stickers, but only charges $10 for its beach stickers. 

Town Administrator Suzanne Szyndlar suggested separating the beach and transfer station stickers (which have historically been combined), to track how many people purchase each. 

One of the other Selectmen, Woody Hartley, liked the idea of splitting the stickers apart to get more data. Morse agreed, and added that the change will help the town get numbers for the 2020 calendar year, when the stickers are in effect. 

The Carver Marion Wareham Regional Refuse Disposal District has a contract to run the Route 28 transfer station through the end of the calendar year next year. After that it is still undetermined what will happen with the Rochester transfer station.