Rochester vaccinates young residents with local clinics

Dec 24, 2021

ROCHESTER — With the Pfizer covid vaccine now approved for children as young as five years old, towns are working hard to get their youngest residents protected from the virus as quickly as possible.

In Rochester, the Board of Health has organized vaccine clinics specifically for the 5-11 and 12+ demographics.

“We felt really happy about the way the clinics went,” said Rochester Public Health Nurse Connie Dolan. “You can see after the last round of clinics that the rate of 5-11-year-olds has really gone up.”

Dolan said that the most recent clinic, held on Dec. 20, vaccinated 61 people from that age group.

Karriann McCarthy, who attended the clinic with her two youngest children, Katriel and Elowyn, said that she had little reservations about getting her kids vaccinated.

“I don’t think there was ever a question of vaccinating all of us once it was approved,” she said. “We’re just doing our part.”

“It didn’t really hurt,” Katriel added bravely as the family left the clinic.

McCarthy said she did wait to get her kids their vaccinations until the Rochester clinic because it was more convenient.

“These last three clinics have had great attendance,” said Dolan. “A lot of first vaccines and walk-ins too.”

Another parent, Tyler Cyr, who attended the clinic with his son, Lachlan, 11, said that he consulted with their pediatrician before making the decision to have him vaccinated.

“We spoke to his doctor about it and he was 100% in favor,” said Cyr. “I’m no doctor so I’ll defer to him.”

Dolan said that while no more clinics are currently scheduled, the Board of Health plans to continue to provide the service and will even consider doing smaller, regularly scheduled clinics every two weeks or so.

“Our goal right now is to get as many people vaccinated as we can,” she said. “All of our clinics are open to everyone, not just Rochester residents.”