Rochester yellow, other towns green

May 3, 2021

Rochester shifted to a “yellow” designation after recording 18 new cases last week, while Mattapoisett and Marion were both designated as “green” in the state’s color-coded covid risk designation system.

In data released April 22, Rochester recorded 6 new cases. In data released April 29, reflecting cases recorded between April 22 and 29, Rochester saw 18 new cases.

Mattapoisett recorded eight new cases in April 29 data, compared to five in April 22 data. The town also shifted from a “gray” to “green” designation.

Marion recorded six new cases in April 29 data, up one from April 22 data.

In the state’s color-coded risk designation system, fewer than or equal to 10 active covid cases designates a low-population community as gray, between 10 and 15 cases puts a community in the green, fewer than or equal to 25 cases marks a town as yellow, and communities with more than 25 cases are designated as red.