School committee approves high school, junior high strategic plans

Oct 25, 2018

After short presentations by ORR Principal Kevin Brogioli and ORR Junior High Principal Michael Devoll on ORR Junior High School and High School strategic plans, the ORR school committee approved both plans without debate at their Oct. 24 meeting. 

Brogioli specified that the junior high school strategic plan was based entirely on the district strategic plan, which emphasizes global citizenship, social emotional skills, and 21st century learning skills such as problem solving, collaboration and digital literacy.

“For the first time since I’ve been here, it flows down nicely,” Brogioli said of the school’s plan, which contains 35 action items and was unanimously approved by his school council.

The two year plan follows the general pattern of study and examination this year and implementation next year.

Brogioli noted that the school has already started briefing teachers on 21st Century Learning goals.

Devoll agreed with Brogioli about the process of forming a strategic plan.

“It’s nice to have it flow from the district strategic plan,” he said.

He explained that the high school plan gives teachers the autonomy to set their own goals that align with the strategic plan.