School Committee approves of proposed budget

Mar 16, 2023

The Old Rochester School Committee approved of the over $20 million proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2024  during their meeting on Wednesday, March 15.

 According to Old Rochester Regional School District Assistant Superintendent of Finance Howard Barber, the budget will be finalized once voters approve of the budget at their respective town meetings.

The budget for Fiscal Year 2024 has increased 2.18% from the previous year, according to the proposed budget.

According to Barber, this increase is due to significant increases in utility cost, normal salary increases, and benefits including retirement contributions for staff.

The proposed budget allotted approximately $4.6 million in funds for the junior high school and approximately $7.2 million in funds for the high school.

According to Barber, the funds for each school will go towards full-time staff salaries, funding for substitute and stipend positions, and supplies and equipment such as photocopiers.

“The next steps are working with the annual stakeholders to continue planning for the next school year,” said Barber.