School committee members honored with library books in their names

May 7, 2019

MATTAPOISETT — After years on the Mattapoisett School Committee, two departing members were honored with books donated to Center School library in their name.

Patrick LeClair has served the committee for six years and Rachel Westgate was a member of the committee for three years.

“When we dedicate books to our school committee members we try to take into consideration their interests and how they would be remembered,” said White.

The book donation is a tradition, and students can recognize which books have been donated to honor committee members based on a name and description taped inside the book. 

Westgate’s book was The Girl With a Mind for Math: The Story of Raye Montague” by Julia Finley Mosca and LeClair’s book was from the Smithsonian series called “STEM Labby Jack L

LeClair taught science in Marshfield High School for 19 years and noted that might have been the reason the science-themed book got donated to the Center School in his name.

He served as Vice-Chair for the Mattapoisett School Committee and co-chairman of the Joint School Committee.

It wasn’t clear why a science book was selected for Westgate, who teaches sixth grade English Language Arts and Social Studies at Ahern Middle School in Foxboro.

However, she said she was proud to serve the school committee, nonetheless. 

“Serving on the school committee has been a really wonderful experience. I’m a teacher in another district, so I’ve learned a lot seeing things on the other side and working with the administration here has been really wonderful, so I feel honored,” said Westgate, “I’m just glad the town has such great people.”

LeClair also had positive things to say. 

“I loved it. I wish more people would get involved,” said Leclair, “We love more town involvement.”

No one filed nomination papers to take the places of the two school committee members.