Selectmen approve expedited outdoor seating licensing

Jun 9, 2020

MARION — To help restaurants get up and running during phase two of the state’s reopening plan, Selectmen authorized Town Administrator Jay McGrail to expedite the approval process for outdoor seating at establishments in Marion.

At a June 9 Board of Selectmen meeting, McGrail explained that the state’s Alcoholic Beverages Controls Commission announced a temporary order to relax its rules on the approval of outdoor seating. With that, local licensing authorities can now grant temporary permits without having to go through the commission. 

“Hopefully this will provide relief to local businesses,” said McGrail.

For approval, businesses must reach out to the town’s building department to obtain a checklist for what they need to do to open. Once completed, Building Commissioner Scott Shippey signs off on it, and McGrail can then expedite the license approval.

The temporary order expires on November 1, or when the commission revokes it, whichever comes first.