Selectmen to consider legal action against former kennel hit with noise complaints

Dec 17, 2018

ROCHESTER — After noise complaints were leveled against a former North Avenue kennel, neighbors urged Selectmen on Monday to take action against the homeowner suspected of operating with a revoked license. 

At their meeting, Selectmen listened to the grievances of multiple neighbors who said that frequent barking has become a nuisance at the home of Liberal Teixeira, who had his kennel license revoked by the board in 2015 following similar complaints.

The original complaints against Teixeira were made in 2013, but issues were resolved after he placed some of the dogs in foster homes.

In 2014, Teixeira was back in front of the Selectmen and ordered to meet conditions if he were to keep the kennel. The requirements included soundproofing their outdoor kennels and reducing the number of dogs on the property from 16 to six. 

After failing to comply with the conditions, a criminal complaint was filed against the kennel in Wareham District Court and Selectmen revoked Teixeira’s license to operate a kennel on Aug. 10, 2015.

“It would appear as though Mr. Teixeira has pretty much ignored the court order,” said Town Clerk Naida Parker. “They were allowed to have one golden retriever and a beagle, and those were the only dogs they were authorized to have until they complied with the town’s orders.”

Though noise levels dropped for a short period of time, she said, the problem surfaced again around a year later. Alan Boling, Teixeira’s neighbor, said that “the riot of dogs barking” has been continuous both day and night. 

“It seems like nothing can be done about it,” he said. “It’s just constant noise and it’s not right. It has been three year’s that we’ve being doing this now, and it’s frustrating.”

Robert Lacroix echoed Bolings statements, also expressing concern that Teixeira has resumed breeding puppies. “We’re starting over again, and that’s wrong,” he said.

Rochester Police Chief Robert Small said that Animal Control has been to the home on multiple occasions, but does not have the authority to act because Teixeira has fewer dogs than what’s required for a kennel license by law.

Teixeira, who was not present at the meeting, has three dogs currently licensed at the property, said Town Counsel Blair Bailey. Bailey noted that there is evidence of a breeding operation tied to Teixeira’s home.

“What [the neighbors] brought up would be in violation of the prior order” said Bailey. “The next step would be for the board to find them in violation to pursue action in district court.”

Chair Woody Hartley said that the board will take the comments under advisement and take action at their next meeting on Jan. 7.