Selectmen ponder future for Atlantis Drive property

Apr 16, 2019

MARION — The town-owned building on Atlantis Drive is in need of costly repairs. Right now, Selectmen want to spend money only to get an appraisal to help decide whether to repair it, sell it or tear it down.

Selectman John Waterman introduced the topic at an April 16 meeting because repairing “Atlantis Drive is going to be a lot of work, and that’s money that we don’t have,” he said.

The building currently houses Marine resources and a few other town departments. Waterman proposed appraising the building to see whether it would be better to sell, repair or tear it down.

He also noted that the town “will need money toward new DPW facility.  It’s unlikely that we sell it for enough to fund that building, but it might be enough to fund a building for something,” he said.

Chair of the Board of Selectmen Norm Hills explained that “the town got that building because the previous owners couldn’t sell it. So don’t be surprised if it’s a hard sell.”

However, the current budget is so tight that even covering the appraisal costs as an unanticipated budget item will be tough.

Town Administrator Paul Dawson said that the appraisal could take place after July.

The Selectmen elected to put together a committee to consider the issue further and to circle back and get a more formal appraisal on the building in July.