Selectmen urge beachgoers to pick up trash, park cars safely

Jun 23, 2020

MATTAPOISETT — After receiving multiple complaints from residents, Selectmen and Town Administrator Michael Lorenco urged residents at a June 22 meeting to pick up their trash at the beach and follow all posted parking guidlines.

Selectman Jordan Collyer talked to residents over the weekend who saw trash on town beach and the bins overflowing. The town encourages residents to carry out their own trash as a coronavirus precaution.

Lorenco also said residents complained about beachgoers blocking the entrance and exit at Aucoot Road Beach with their parked cars, and others parking in the spots marked off for emergency vehicles. He also said someone vandalized a port-a-john that the town provided for the beach.

The town wants to keep the resources it has for residents, Lorenco said, but it’s becoming “increasingly difficult” to do so, and to keep the beaches clean and spaces open would “go a long way.”

To keep residents safe from coronavirus, the town will not be issuing day passes for the summer. Those who wish to walk to the beach can still do so. The town’s beach staff will be on-site starting June 29, and there will be an attendant at Aucoot Beach to control the area. Beach stickers will be checked starting June 30.