Sippican Healthcare Center limits visitations

Mar 12, 2020

MARION — As a coronavirus precaution, The Sippican Healthcare Center will not allow visitors unless for special circumstances cleared in advance with the building administrator and after they have been screened for the virus. 

Kathryn Soderberg, chief corporate compliance officer for Whittier Health Network, which runs Sippican Healthcare, said that there are no cases of the virus at the facility, but that it will “continue to follow any guidance from the CDC and Department of Public Health to ensure the public safety and health of our residents and staff.” 

Soderberg said a special circumstance may be something like an end-of-life situation.

In addition to restricting visitors, deliveries to the healthcare center will be dropped off outside the building, the facility will screen employees for the virus, sanitize surfaces in its building and encourage residents to practice good hygiene.

At this time, there are no cases of coronavirus at the Sippican Healthcare Center.