Sippican Healthcare Center reports 11 additional new covid cases

Nov 16, 2020

MARION — As of Nov. 16, there are now 55 residents or staff who have tested positive for covid at Sippican Healthcare Center, an addition of 11 cases to a recent outbreak in the long-term healthcare facility.

According to Kathryn Soderberg, chief compliance officer at Whittier Health Network (the facility’s parent company), 34 residents have tested positive, and 21 staff members also contracted the virus. 

The outbreak began on Nov. 6 with 33 confirmed cases, and 10 more were reported on Nov. 9. 

Two covid-related deaths have occurred since the outbreak. 

The 10 new covid cases were reported on Nov. 13. No one in the facility has tested positive since. Because of the new cases, the long-term care facility is not accepting new patients at this time, and visitors are temporarily not allowed.

The center said it has been following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services for both residents and staff.

To prevent the spread of covid, normal operations of the facility have been altered or suspended in accordance with state guidelines. The center is social distancing residents, screening employees every shift and increasing cleaning and sanitizing. It is also providing residents with cloth masks and education on mask use, hand hygiene and cough etiquette.