Sippican Lands Trust announces scholarship recipient

Jun 29, 2023

MARION — The Sippican Lands Trust has announced Marion resident Leo Grondin as the 2023 Helen A Arthur Scholarship Award recipient.

Grondin is is interested in studying marine biology and has been accepted to six New England universities with excellent Marine Science programs.

Grondin is a member of the National Honors Society and volunteered for the Sippican Lands Trust removing invasive plants at Osprey Marsh. He has volunteered at the Marine Life Center in Bourne taking care of diamond back terrapin turtles.

This $1000 award is given to a high school senior or a student in their first or second year of college who is a Marion resident and is interested in the environment, conservation, or a related field of

Helen Adams Arthur, along with her husband, Richard, “Dick” Arthur were beloved residents of Marion and they were long time volunteers and supporters of the Sippican Lands Trust. Helen held a deep interest in the preservation of beautiful spaces in Marion. 

Sippican Lands Trust wishes Grondin success in his future career studying New England marine life.

“It is young people like Leo who will help keep our natural spaces and oceans healthy for years to come,” wrote the Sippican Lands Trust in a press release.