Sippican School Drama Club brings Disney musical to life

May 10, 2019

MARION — With singing, dancing and plenty of laughter, Sippican Drama Club brought a classic Disney romance to life with the performance of “Beauty and the Beast Jr” on May 10.

Several dozen family members, teachers, peers, and staff showed up to the play, with some holding bouquets to give to cast members.

The group went to the school committee to get permission to start a Go Fund me for the production. 

Co-director of the Sippican Drama Club, Mary Jane Couet, said she enjoyed working with the Sippican School students for this performance.

“It’s been an exciting adventure,” said Couet, “It is great to see all of the hard work come to life.” 

Emily Wyman and Katelyn Craig played the role of Belle, and Shaun Miranda played her captor, a cursed prince, forced to fall in love or meet his end.

Wyman, a sixth-grade student at Sippican School said she was happy with how the play turned out.

“I loved it, I love performing,” said Wyman, “I sing, I dance, and I do this a lot.”

The aunt of one of the performers, Gaelle Hyppolite, said she was thrilled that her niece, who played the role as one of the spoons, took part in the play.

“It’s the best. The minute she moved in the best thing she said was ‘I want to be in the play.’ When she got the part she was ecstatic,” said Hyppolite.