Sippican School students to participate in outdoor classroom program

Jul 28, 2023

MARION — Young gardeners will be able to explore, learn and grow with Sippican School’s outdoor classroom program this fall.

Students will learn first hand about earth science, agricultural sustainability and nutrition in the school’s garden classroom. The garden classroom is part of the Marion Institute’s Grow Education program. 

According to Marion Institute executive director Liz Wiley, the Grow Education program involves building gardens at schools to create an interactive learning environment.

“We're taking the concept of food as medicine and really embedding [it] into school,” said Wiley. 

Wiley said that students will participate in planting vegetables and engage in lessons based on the garden this coming fall.

Building materials for Sippican School’s garden amounting to $26,928 in costs were approved during a Marion School Committee meeting on Wednesday, July 26 according to Marion School Committee chair April Nye. 

The funds originated from the Community Preservation Act Undesignated Fund were appropriated for the project during the Spring Town Meeting.

According to Wiley, there will be seven raised garden beds built with accessibility in mind.

“Each garden bed will be 30 inches high and a lot deeper [than average garden beds.]”

Wiley said that the goal of the program is to use vegetables planted in the gardens for cafeteria meals. 

“The goal of education is that the lessons that the kids are learning in the gardens are reinforced in the classroom and then reflected in the food that they're eating in the cafeteria,” said Wiley.

Wiley said that construction for the project will begin in August.

“We're just thrilled that we're going to be able to bring this program to Marion,” said Wiley. “We're really excited to work with the administration and the school administration and the teachers and especially the students and families.”