Snow geese add beauty to Rochester fields

Jan 21, 2022

The light snow falling on the afternoon of Thursday, Jan. 20 provided a fitting backdrop for a scene captured by a reader: Snow geese feeding in the corn stubble at Vaughan Hill Road and Route 105 in Rochester.

The image was taken the afternoon of Thursday, Jan. 20 by Carol B. Molander.  

The fields are a fitting winter location for the snow geese, which are less common than the omnipresent Canada geese. Snow geese winter in coastal marshes, estuaries, freshwater marshes and in agricultural areas, according to Mass Audubon.

Geese are frequent visitors to the Vaughan Hill Road fields. Birders throughout the years as popular locations for the omnipresent Canada geese but also the snow geese, as seen here, and at times even more unusual geese sightings.

Bitter cold winter days can be challenging, but images such as this add beauty to the frozen landscape.