Sprucing up the Marion General Store

Jan 11, 2019

MARION — Renovations have already begun on the exterior and interior of Marion General Store to modernize the building, while also keeping its historic charm.

What will happen with the renovations will be “not so much changes as just bringing it back so that it all looks great,” explained the store’s owner, Jack Cheney. 

The general store will get new roofs, insulation, siding, new windows and new wiring.

“One change will be a handicap access entrance and a handicap bathroom,” explained Chaney.

Other changes, though will be about making the building easier to heat and cool using modern technology.

“We’re going to do a new ceiling and insulate it. The basement will be insulated. It will be like a cocoon on this floor, so it will be very easy to insulate and to cool,” Cheney said. 

The Marion General Store was able to complete renovations with the help of the Sippican Historical Society, which provided financial support for the project.The Historical Society has made it part of its mission to preserve and restore historic buildings in town.

For many of the buildings in town, such as the Post Office and Hadley House, the Sippican Historical Society provides funds to restore the buildings, and uses  preservation restriction on the building, to ensure that the building can’t be moved, or changed externally. 

In the case of the Post Office the Historical Society owns the building, restored it using the interior of another 19th century post office and currently leases it to the Postal Service. The Historical Society prefers to lease the buildings that it restores out to retail businesses, so that members of the public can enter and appreciate the buildings. 

The store will remain open for the rest of January, before closing for February and March.