State releases confirmed coronavirus numbers for the Tri-Town

Apr 16, 2020

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has started releasing the number of confirmed coronavirus cases on a town-by-town basis every Wednesday, beginning with results released on April 15. 

State numbers occasionally differ from town statistics, but indicate that as of April 14, Mattapoisett had eight confirmed cases, and Rochester seven. The exact number of Marion cases was not released, as the state only provides a number if there are 5 cases or fewer, but Marion revealed Thursday that there are three confirmed cases in town. 

Mattapoisett has been providing information daily on its website, and its count for April 15 showed 10 confirmed cases, with one new case that day. Mattapoisett data also showed that three people are currently quarantining themselves, and 22 people have completed quarantine.

Marion officials said at an April 14 video Board of Health meeting that the town would release its numbers weekly on Thursdays following the state release of data. 

The town also clarified that because the state is prioritizing tests for healthcare workers and those who are hospitalized, the actual number of coronavirus cases is likely higher, and the virus likely continues to spread without residents realizing it.