State works through aerial, ground spraying for EEE 

Aug 22, 2019

The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources and the Plymouth County Mosquito Control Project have been working with planes and trucks to spray pesticides that will decrease the risk of additional cases of Eastern equine encephalitis.

The virus that causes the disease is carried by mosquitoes and causes inflammation of the brain. Though human cases are rare, the disease itself cannot be treated if it is contracted, only the symptoms.

Rochester and Marion are currently classified as “critical risk” for the disease, and Mattapoisett is “high risk.”

The Department of Agricultural Resources performed a first round of aerial spraying from Aug. 8 to 11. It announced on Aug. 20 that it intended to begin a second round of aerial spraying on Aug. 21.

The state agency did begin spraying again on Wednesday, but the area it sprayed covered Pembroke, Hanover and Kingston. Though the spraying did not reach the tri-town on Wednesday night, it is expected reach part of Marion and Mattapoisett and all of Rochester before it is completed. 

The Plymouth County Mosquito Control Project, on the other hand, performs its spraying by truck. Its schedules indicate that 26 streets in Marion were reached by truck on Aug. 20. Those streets include Bay Road, Beach Street, Bullivant Farm Road, County Road, Delano Road, Dexter Road, Front Street, Giffords Corner Road,  Holly Road, Indian Cove Road, Kabeyun Road, Marvel Street, Old Indian Trail, Old Knoll Road, Partridge Place, Point Road, Quails Crossing, Quelle Lane, Register Road, Sarah Sherman Lane, Seaside Lane, West River Road, Wareham Road, Wianno Road, Wilson Road and Zora Road.

On Aug. 22 from 2 a.m. to just before dawn, the Plymouth County organization truck sprayed another 26 roads in Rochester. These include Benson Road, Braley Hill Road, Chilton Lane, Cole Drive, Deerfield Terrace, Dexter Lane, Gerris Road, Hartley Road, Haskell Ridge Road, Hathaway Pond Circle, Holler Road, Looks Mill Road, Marion Road, Mary’s Pond Road, Neck Road, New Bedford Road, North Avenue, Old Schoolhouse Road,  Pierce Street, Randall Road, Snipatuit Road, Stuart Road, Thistle Lane, Walnut Plain Road, Williams Way and Woodland Road. 

The night of Aug. 23, 14 streets in Mattapoisett will be sprayed, including Alderberry Ln, Beaver Path, Chapel Road, Collins Way, Deep Woods Drive, Fieldcrest Lane, Gosnold Street, Hawthorne Street, Maplewood Street, North Street, Pinewood Way, Riverbend Lane, Shawmut Avenue and Winter Hill Road. 

Residents can request that the Mosquito Control project visit their area up to eight times a season, if there are no spraying restrictions in the area. Residents can make requests Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. by fax, mail, phone or by visiting the office. 

The website to view truck routes can be found at: Routes are posted at 3 p.m. for the next morning. The website to view aerial spraying is Aerial spraying routes are weather-dependent,  decided last-minute, and appear on the website the next morning, after data is uploaded.