Survey plan outlines historic Mattapoisett properties

Mar 14, 2023

MATTAPOISETT — On Jan. 26, the Mattapoisett Historical Commission released a “Historic Property Survey Plan” for the town of Mattapoisett.

The plan was created in conjunction with Skelly Preservation Services, a historic community consulting firm, and the Mattapoisett Historical Commission.

The plan is intended to serve as a “guide a community in identifying and documenting community-wide historic resources,” according to a press release from the Commission. “Identification and documentation of community resources is the foundation for community resource planning and an up to date inventory is integral to preserving the Town’s historical resources.”

According to the plan, there are “over 1000” potentially historic properties in Mattapoisett with “approximately 300 priority properties.”

Prioritization criteria included suggested significance, likelihood of loss, properties never surveyed or those with outdated and incomplete documentation, properties with a high level of integrity which were able to convey historical associations or attributes, and areas that highlighted underrepresented communities.

The Commission anticipates that the project to protect and document the town’s historical properties will be a “multi-year effort,” and will be done in stages. Stage one will focus on 92 priority properties and is expected to be completed in one year, said the Commission in a press release

The survey plan is available on the Mattapoisett Historical Commission website and a copy is available at the Mattapoisett Public Library.