Tabor Academy cancels trips to Beijing, Copenhagen amid virus concerns

Mar 2, 2020

MARION — Tabor Academy has canceled trips to Beijing and Copenhagen in response to the new coronavirus, and plans to modify its spring break schedule in March to encourage international students to stay on campus.

The private school has asked that its international students from countries that are currently impacted stay on campus for the break, it has also made efforts to make sure it still feels like a vacation for those students. These include off-campus trips, and chances to bake and do other domestic activities with faculty members.

Tabor runs an annual trip to Beijing to visit its partner school RDFZ Xishan School. Tabor students will be skipping the trip this year, and whether Chinese students will be able to visit in April is currently up in the air. 

As far as health recommendations, the school said that it is following guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and other organizations that have issued recommendations for dealing with the disease, including national travel advisories. 

Tabor is instructing its students to be careful with hygiene in the same way that it would for any flu outbreak. 

The school’s Director of Communications, Kerry Saltonstall said that 26 faculty members have stepped up and volunteered to make sure students have a nice break.