Tabor Academy seniors bid farewell at 2024 commencement

Jun 3, 2024

MARION — More than 140 students, including 15 from the Tri-Town, are set to make the next step in the journey of life after being celebrated at Tabor Academy’s commencement on Friday, May 31.

Head of School Tony Jaccaci called the departing class “immensely talented and gifted” students who “came to class every day with the values of Tabor in their hearts.”

Colleen Coyne, a 1989 Tabor graduate who won an Olympic gold medal with the United States women’s hockey team in 1998, served as the commencement speaker.

Coyne told the graduates to believe in their “crazy dreams” and to find their “inner circles.”

“There wasn’t a day where I took this campus and the opportunity to attend this school for granted — I always felt lucky,” said Coyne. “I have no doubt that Tabor has prepared you for whatever comes your way. Your goals and dreams are well within your reach.”

A number of awards were presented to students who put success on display in the classroom, on athletic fields, and around campus.

Mattapoisett native Sarah Adams was given the Faculty Award for outstanding extracurricular contribution.

“Whether she is the first to applaud for a performance, cheer her teammates on or organize an event that brings life to campus, this recipient does it all with unmatched enthusiasm, energy and compassion for her fellow Seawolves,” said Jaccaci.

Adams served as captain of the girls soccer and track teams while also participating in many other activities and committees around campus.

Mattapoisett resident Fiona Hoben was presented with the Cum Laude award, which is given to two seniors each year who exemplify excellence, justice and honor.

“Our first recipient enhances the world around her, and is not afraid to add a witty remark or two,” said Jaccaci. “She has immersed herself in many athletic and performing arts opportunities making it hard to remember that she only lives right down the road. She has a tireless work ethic and an insatiable hunger to excel, which will continue to propel her to higher heights.”

Student Co-Heads of School Julian Badger and Taylor Darby, both outgoing seniors, also took the stage and issued words of appreciation for the school and their classmates.

“Wherever the next step is for you, I urge you to not be a cookie-cutter of a portrait of a graduate, but use that portrait to springboard you forward,” said Badger. “Never let your environment change who you are and who you’re becoming.”

“Life is full of choices, each one shaping our life journey in ways both big and small,” said Darby. “Though the future may be uncertain, the choices we make are what ultimately define us. So let's embrace the uncertainty as we have the power to write our own stories.”

“I want to thank Tabor for a fantastic four-year sleepover,” said Badger.