Tabor Class of ‘23 ‘confident, fearless, prepared’

Jun 7, 2023

MARION — The Tabor Academy Class of 2023 crossed the threshold from student to alumni on Friday, May 2.

“I know how meaningful this day is for the graduates, but also for the parents, grandparents and guardians,” said Tabor Academy Board of Trustees Chair Regina Shakin. “Today is a celebration of the inspirational and triumphant class of 2023.”

Shakin acknowledged the tenacity of the graduates in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic that interrupted their schooling.

“At times you helped even the adults … weather the storm that was Covid,” she said.

As the end cap for the Seawolf’s senior week, the 2023 commencement ceremony allowed students like Co-heads of School Liam Hauck and Aliyah Jordan to share their experiences and memories from their last four years as Tabor students.

Hauck compared the Class of 2023 to pickles — spicy, gherkin and sweet.

“A pickle is good because it suffered … vinegar and salt has made them distinct in a pleasing way,” he said. “In our years at Tabor it seems that each of us have been pickled ourselves.”

He equated social distancing and mask-wearing during Covid-19 to the isolation of the pickling process.

Despite the challenges, Jordan and her fellow students are “ready to embark on a world of new opportunities.”

“As the days grew shorter and the homework assignments grew longer … we stepped into leadership roles,” said Jordan.

She left the Class of 2023 with advice for the years ahead.

“Whatever you do, you are in charge of your own destiny,” she said. “Now that we are here, we stand confident, fearless and prepared.”