Team defense, goalie key to Bulldog game-tying effort

Jan 21, 2019

MARION — “We were on the ropes the whole game.”

That comment, from Old Rochester/Fairhaven coach Chuck Jancanterino, nicely summarized the Bulldogs’ struggles against the Plymouth North Eagles (4-4-2), which ended in a 1-1 tie Monday at the Travis Roy Ice Arena. 

Despite a solid performance from junior goalie Jake DeMoranville, the offense barely eked out 5 shots on goal.

Jancanterino says his team knew they’d be in for a fight. 

“They’re a Division 2 team,” he said. “We know they’re a bit better than us, but they still have to go out and beat us. We had a chance.” 

With the deck stacked against them, the Bulldogs held their own against the Eagles for three periods, albeit from the defensive end for a majority of the game. For the first two periods, the Bulldogs struggled to get anything going in the offensive end but managed to keep the game scoreless. 

Jancanterino emphasized the importance of playing tough defense and waiting for a break to open up down the ice. “We started to close the gap and we felt the third period was up for grabs,” said Jancanterino. 

Less than three minutes into the final period, the Bulldogs scored on a shorthanded breakaway from forward Robert Ramsey. Their lead didn’t last long, unfortunately, and the Eagles answered back with a shorthanded goal of their own with under seven minutes to play.

After shutting down the final push from the Eagles, the Bulldogs emerged from the arena with a bit of confidence following a string of losses. 

“To get a point like this, against a really good team like that, it could really turn us around and get the momentum going,” said Jancanterino.

The Bulldogs will face off against Somerset Berkley Regional on Wednesday, Jan. 23, at the Driscoll Skating Arena.