Teens don’t kid around when it comes to goat yoga

Jul 29, 2022

MATTAPOISETT — For those looking to stretch their muscles, soothe their stress and interact with some cuddy kids, goat yoga just might be the greatest of all time.

The activity, which allows participants to do their yoga moves amid wandering goats, took place at the Mattapoisett Public Library Thursday, July 28.

“It’s something different and people enjoy it,” said Diana Paine, co-owner of Pine Meadow Alpacas in Mattapoisett, which hosted the program.

Farm staff members brought some of their goats to the library program. They also host similar events at the farm.

She hopes these events would enlighten people about the chance to do yoga with goats close by, and sometimes even on the backs of participants.

“A lot of people haven’t even heard of goat yoga,” she said.

But that wasn’t the case with the young people involved with the library’s Teen Advisory Board. They recommended adding goat yoga to the schedule of events at the library.

The program, which was open to teens only, served as proof that the board’s ideas are taken seriously, young adult librarian Michelle Skaar said.

“We listen to them,’’ she said, and are open to their ideas.

About 10 teens participated in the yoga, alternating stretches with snuggles.

Goat yoga provides participants with a chance to interact with animals, which studies have shown to be a natural stress reliever. Based on the library event, the goats also trigger plenty of laughter.

Goat yoga offers benefits beyond the participants, Paine noted.

In addition to supporting the work of Pine Meadow Alpacas, which is home to a range of animals including wallabies, porcupines and horses, among others.

The event also helps the goats, she said. “This helps socialize them’’ as they kid around with the young yoga enthusiasts.