Three Tri-Town residents named field hockey national champions

Mar 12, 2024

Bailee Cusick, of Rochester, and Chloe Muldoon and Kate Fortier, of Marion, were not happy with the length of their drive to Lancaster, Pennsylvania for the age 12 and under field hockey national tournament.

However, the drive was well worth it for the trio, all aged 11, who returned to the Tri-Town with gold medals around their necks.

Cusick, Muldoon and Fortier have all been playing field hockey since they were just 5 years old.

Muldoon said that the game started out as something to do for fun, but it has grown more competitive over the years.

The girls now play for Cape Cod Field Hockey’s U12 Blue team, which mainly features players from, you guessed it, Cape Cod.

The team traveled to Pennsylvania from Feb. 23 to Feb. 25 for the national indoor tournament.

Indoor field hockey is played on a rubber surface while the outdoor game is typically played on grass or turf.

“Playing indoors is so much smoother and the game moves much faster,” said Fortier. “It’s more fun, and the ball doesn’t get stuck anywhere.”

The team played against teams from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas and Delaware in the tournament — and dominated the competition, scoring 28 total goals and allowing just three in five games on their way to winning the title.

“We were all nervous during the last game, but with about two minutes left it felt so good knowing that we might take it away,” said Cusick. “It was a great feeling, a new experience and I am glad to know that I am a national field hockey champion.”

The trio agrees that one key to their success was the bond that has grown between teammates.

Muldoon said that the team has become “more than friends” and spent most of their time in the pool or roaming around the hotel when they weren’t on the field.

“We really try to get along and have fun,” said Fortier. “We are here for gold but also we want to have fun.”

Muldoon, Cusick and Fortier all see themselves playing field hockey at the high school level and potentially beyond.