Tri-Town Against Racism installs Marion Little Free Library

Nov 4, 2020

MARION — The motto for local anti-racism grassroots organization Tri-Town Against Racism is to “start where you live.” 

Well, Dante and Alia Cusolito of Rochester did just that by building and painting the organization’s first of three Little Free Libraries in the Tri-Town that will be full of books on teaching others about racism. 

And on Nov. 3, members of Tri-Town Against Racism and Alia were present to see the installation of the library at Old Wharf Landing.

“I just wanted to be involved as much as I can and try to help make our community as inclusive and welcoming as possible,” Alia said.

Her brother Dante (who is away at college) started building the library and asked if she wanted to help.

The result is a blue and yellow-clad library with a hand-painted logo for the organization and its motto on the back.

Kids stacked the library with different books from a variety of authors that encourage people to think differently about race and racism.

“There is a lot of work to be done and we appreciate the strong community that makes up Tri-Town Against Racism,” said organization co-founder Tangi Thomas to the small crowd gathered at the event. “We hope our community will make good use of our diverse library. Take books! Share books! Make it the busiest Little Library in the Tri-Town.”

Co-founder Jennifer Hunter said, “It feels awesome” to see the community come together to support Dante and Alia’s endeavors.