Tri-Town covid cases continue to rise

Jul 29, 2021

New covid cases in the Tri-Town more than doubled between July 22 and 29, according to state data.

Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester recorded a total of 17 new cases in the week leading up to July 29, up from 8 the week prior.

Marion recorded five of the cases, Mattapoisett recorded three and Rochester recorded nine. Each town saw an increase in cases over the week leading up to July 22.

The increase in cases comes as the country has seen a rise in the more contagious delta variant of the virus.

Vaccination rates in the Tri-Town have levelled out in recent weeks.

As of July 29, 82% of Mattapoisett Residents have received at least one dose of a covid vaccine — the same percentage as the week prior. Marion and Rochester saw a slight increase in vaccine uptake, with a respective 83% and 62% of residents receiving at least one shot — a 1% increase in both towns.

The rate of fully vaccinated residents in all three towns has remained the same for three straight weeks, with 75% of Marion and Mattapoisett residents and 56% of Rochester residents fully inoculated.