Unified Track team ran a good race

May 31, 2022

Members of the Old Rochester Regional High School unified track team had a good run this season.

The team, which combines special needs students and their classmate partners, had a strong showing at the sectionals held recently at Middleboro High School. 

Strong finishes at the sectionals included senior Emilia Cantwell, who placed first in the shotput and second in the 100 meters; sophomore Traeh Carrington, who took first place in the javelin and 400 meters; freshman Tom Grondin, who placed fourth in the 400 meters and third in the long jump; junior Aveil Ward, who took first place in the shotput and 100-meter; and Adam Murphy Jr., an eighth grader who placed second in the 400 meters and first in the long jump. 

Unified track team coach Matt Houde was pleased with the results, but also of the effort the students put in. 

“I’m proud of them, no matter what,’’ he said. “I’m just elated with the results. They came up big when it counted.’’

He practices with the team twice a week, weather permitting. 

“They did so awesome,’’ student Maggie Nailor, the team’s partner, said. When she practices with them, she said her teammates “gave me tips’’ on how to improve her performance, she said. 

The team members said they were pleased with their performances. “I felt proud,’’ Cantwell said.

Grondin said he was “happy,’’ particularly with his bronze medal. 

Ward noted proudly that he was “fast.’’

“I feel pretty confident when it comes to running and sports,’’ Carrington said. 

"I am proud of myself because I was able to achieve my goal of getting first place in the long jump and second place in the running part and the 400 meter,’’ Murphy said.