Work to begin on Countryside Daycare

Sep 10, 2019

ROCHESTER — After months of working through details and drainage issues, work should begin on Countryside Daycare’s playground very soon. 

Two representatives from the daycare appeared at the Sept. 10 Planning Board meeting to ask whether adding a canopy over part of the playground and an umbrella over the sandbox was a major or minor change to the plan. 

Board members agreed that the change was a minor one, meaning that it will go back to the building commissioner. 

Planning Board Chair Arnold Johnson also asked when the site work (or construction work not having to do with a house) would start. 

The planners at the daycare responded that it should start any day now. 

John and Sophia Darras had proposed an over 55 housing project on an adjacent property to the playground, and had proposed moving the playground closer to Countryside Daycare as part of the project. 

The Planning Board also worked with the daycare separately on issues with plowing, drop off and a gravel delivery road before approving the project.