Business partners to take over Rick's Tavern

May 27, 2015

Rick’s Tavern on Route 6 will soon be named The Stowaway as John Mello of Mattapoisett and Joe Sauro of Wareham take over the bar.

On Tuesday, Selectmen approved beverage, entertainment and common victuallers licenses for the establishment.

Mello said he has been an owner in the restaurant business for seven years and Sauro, who owns Gateway Tavern in Wareham, has been an owner for 17 years.

“I remember growing up in town here and playing pinball while my dad and uncle were at the bar,” said Mello. “We just think it’s time to get it back to where it was.”

Sauro said the plan is to run the tavern through early winter and then spend three months doing renovations, mostly to the interior of the building. They have no plans to increase the size of the building, but hope to add food eventually.