Rochester receives electric car grant, sets Special Town Meeting date

Aug 23, 2016

The Town of Rochester will be getting three electric cars after receiving a state grant, the Board of Selectmen announced Monday.

The grant, from the Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Incentive Program, also covers the cost of a charging station.

Town Administrator Suzanne Szyndlar will do research before deciding on the location of the charging station, and will present a recommendation soon.

The board gave Szyndlar permission to apply for the grant at the July 25 meeting.

The grant pays for three-year leases of the electric cars and is part of a state program for towns to reduce emissions and fight global warming.

In other news: Chair Naida Parker announced that the town is looking for volunteers to help with the November election. Despite a new early voting option, the town anticipates a large number of voters will come to the poles on Election Day.

“If the interest in voter registration is any indicator to the turn out, it’s going to be huge,” Parker said.

Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Parker at the Town Clerk’s office.

The board also chose Oct. 19 as the date for Special Town Meeting.