ORR mascot to get a makeover in the fall

Aug 1, 2017

A recent scavenger hunt revealed that there are just too many bulldogs at Old Rochester Regional High School.

Last school year, Principal Mike Devoll sent a student through the halls to photograph each iteration of the beloved bulldog logo.

"She quit at 13," the principal said.

That's why Devoll, along with a panel of 14 people -- including students, teachers and staff -- are intent on updating the school's bulldog logo, incidentally named "Trouble," for the upcoming school year.

"It was on my to-do list for awhile," Devoll explained. "Finding at least 13 bulldogs really just underlined how necessary it was."

The panel is currently conducting a survey online to determine how the new Trouble will look.

The survey offers three different options for mascot style -- cartoon, traditional, and modern -- along with three lettering styles in those same categories.

Survey-takers will also determine the "demeanor" of the bulldog depicted. Will Trouble look happy, neutral, or focused?

There is also a question related to mascot colors, and room to input individual ideas.

Devoll said that the survey has already received a tremendous response from tri-town residents.

"At the end of the survey period, we'll review the most popular answers and preferences," he said.

The results will be discussed with a graphic designer based in New Bedford, who will design the new logo. The resulting mascot will be revealed at the high school's Homecoming in October.

The original bulldog mascot (named Trouble, like her painted successors) was a real bulldog. She was supervised by the school's head custodian, and spent the weekend at different students' houses.

Want to take the survey? Click here!