Community Preservation Grant application deadline Jan. 12

Dec 8, 2017

Mattapoisett's Community Preservation Committee is accepting project funding applications for inclusion in Mattapoisett's Spring 2018 Town Meeting until January 12.

Previous projects funded (in part or entirely) by the Community Preservation Grant include renovations of Mattapoisett's 1827 Quaker meeting house and repairs of Center School's clock.

The project application is available on Mattapoisett's website,, and in paper form at the Mattapoisett Selectmen's office.

Each project must be submitted to the Community Preservation Committee using the project submission form as a cover sheet. Requests must include a statement of need and be documented with appropriate support information.

Applicants are encouraged to include any maps, diagrams, and/or photographs pertaining to the project. Letters of support for the project from community organizations or other sources may also be submitted.

The Community Preservation Committee may require additional (or more detailed) information or further clarification to a submitted application.

Applicants should obtain professionally prepared quotes for project costs whenever possible. If such quotes are not available, detailed cost estimates may be used provided the basis of the estimates is fully explained.

Applicants should prepare itemized project scopes, with details describing each item and its estimated cost.

If the request is part of a multi-year project, include the total project costs and allocations.

For applicants that have multiple project requests, please prioritize projects.