Marion Planning Board continues to push Master Plan forward

Dec 19, 2017

The Marion Planning Board is going to put together a committee to oversee the implementation of the Master Plan.

Covering a 10-year period, Master Plans address a community's goals for land use, housing, climate change, economic development, services and facilities, transportation, open space and recreation, and natural and cultural resources. Towns need a Master Plan in order to be eligible for various state grants. Marion voters approved the town’s Master Plan, created by the Planning Board, at the Town Meeting in October.

Marion’s plan focuses particularly on creating village-style housing and senior housing to cater to the growing senior population, and Planning Board members are eager to make sure the housing goals are not forgotten.

“The idea would be to make sure we’re moving forward with implementing the Master Plan, which is something we promised we’d do,” Planning Board member Jennifer Francis said.

Her idea is to create a committee that would focus on specific areas of the Master Plan, research grant opportunities, and present strategies for moving forward to the Planning Board. The committee would be comprised of several Planning Board members, as well as other residents from town who were instrumental in the development of the plan.

Francis and board member Norm Hills said they will work on specific language for a mission statement and bring it back before the board next month. After that, the board will vote on it and discuss who to include on the committee.