Rep. Straus gets state to examine Route 6 in Marion

Dec 20, 2017

Marion residents have long been complaining about issues with the corridor of Route 6 that runs through town – and it appears they have finally been heard.

State Rep. Bill Straus sent a letter to the Board of Selectmen that after safety and maintenance issues had been brought to him directly, he reached out to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation Highway Administrator Jonathan Gulliver.

Straus and Gulliver met in Marion and walked along Route 6 to examine some of the issues. As a result, Gulliver and his staff will undertake a review of the following: Whether the intersections of Spring Street and Converse Road provide optimum safety, whether the unpaved sidewalk portions on the south side of Route 6 are within the state layout and could be paved, east Marion traffic speed and general sidewalk maintenance and upkeep.

The selectmen expressed gratitude that these issues were finally being looked at.

“Thank goodness some progress is being made,” Selectman Steve Gonsalves said. “A Little Neck resident was out there with pruners this summer cutting back some of the overgrowth on the sidewalk. I just don’t understand why it’s gotten to this point, but [Straus] is getting the ball rolling and that’s commendable. Get ‘er done.”