Marion Fire Department awarded grants for student, elder safety

Feb 5, 2018

Marion's Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department has been awarded funds for implementing programs to keep seniors and students safe in the community.

The department was awarded the Student Fire Safety Grant from the state, as well as the Senior SAFE Grant.

As part of the grant program, Marion's Fire Chief Brian Jackvony said, "We will continue our residential Lock Box Program to expedite access to senior and handicapped adults’ homes during emergencies."

Time is critical when responding to medical emergencies, and these devices allow rapid entry into the home so Marion's EMS can begin life-saving treatment without delay.

Also included in the grant is funding for the education of students within the community on fire safety topics. Marion firefighters have developed a program to introduce fire safety topics to all school children in public and private schools.

Overall the results of this re-designed program have been extremely positive according to Firefighter Daniel Blizard. "The teachers and administrators are embracing an increased presence of fire safety educators within the schools, and we look forward to continuing to build this relationship to serve our community better."