'Most Likely to Trip at Graduation': Seniors awarded at Superlative Gala

Feb 8, 2018

Old Rochester Regional High School senior Abigail Dyson is "Most Likely to Travel the World," but fellow student Trevor Stopka might be momentarily stuck a bit closer to home; members of the Class of 2018 voted him "Most Likely to Get in a Fender Bender in the Parking Lot."

The 2018 Senior Superlatives Gala was not just a night of amusement, but this year, a moment for remembrance. Presenters Christian Hotte and Michael Sivvianakis, alongside the student government, held a brief remembrance for Class of 2017 member Beckett Kiernan. Kiernan, who recently passed away, won the 2017 edition of "Most Likely to have an iTunes Hit."

If some of the other predictions made on Feb. 7 come true, John Roussell will be on a reality TV show (and have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame) and Lindsey Merolla will be selling her artwork for millions. Harry Smith will have an Olympic medal in figure skating (Beijing 2022 isn't far away!) and have an autograph worth paying for. Jenna Aruri would be a lottery winner—if she could only find the winning ticket.

Evan Tilley is going to change the world, and invent the next iPhone to boot.

"How would you improve an iPhone?" Hotte asked Tilley as he came to the stage for his award.

"Get an Android," Tilley told him.

Michael Fisher, "Best Candidate for the CIA," wasn't present at the ceremony. "He's already deep undercover," Hotte joked.

Meanwhile, Mackenzie Drew was voted "Most Likely to Come Back and Teach at ORR."

"Just one question for you," Hotte asked as she accepted her award. "Why?!"

Included amongst other winners and categories were:

  • Best Dressed: Mackenzie Good and Matteo Momigliano
  • Gym Warrior: Harry Smith
  • Most School Spirit: Madisen Martin
  • Best Gamer: Emo Schiappa
  • Best Beard: Alexander Lorenz
  • Best Sneeze: Carly Demanche
  • Worst Case of Senioritis: Sam Ellis
  • Most Likely to 'Murica: Cam Demarco
  • Most Likely to Burst into Song at Lunch: Chris Savino
  • Most Likely to Trip at Graduation: Hannah Ciccatelli
  • Cutest Couple That Never Was: Ainslee Bangs and Jahn Pothier
  • Most Likely to get the Teacher Off Topic: Zach Kelley
  • Most Likely to be President: Evan Costa
  • Most Likely to Become a Youtube Star: Haleydawn Amato