It's time for Mattapoisett to step up, aid senior residents

Feb 17, 2018

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the article with regard to the Town Of Mattapoisett wanting to get involved with the different issues that the senior citizens of Mattapoisett face everyday. ["Mattapoisett town officials agree to focus on senior population".]

But, first I need to give kudos to the Mattapoisett COA (in particular Jackie Coucci and Cynthia Macallister) for all they do for the residents of Village Court in particular.

Now that the town has come to the conclusion that the needs of seniors should be addressed, I fully agree. The biggest issue here at Village Court is transportation given that a number of residents have given up their cars, either due to age or economic issues. The COA does a great job with grocery shopping, Fish rides, etc. But, they can’t do it all. We had SRTA buses but those are long gone. We need something to replace them!

Also, the article mentioned that there was a lack of housing. Not many seniors can afford the high rents in this Town. Village Court is the only game in town. Currently there no other options for affordable rentals for those on fixed incomes. And, as I read, there are no immediate future plans to build senior housing.

The state does what it can in keeping up Village Court, but there is more that is needed. Perhaps the town could find ways to help freshen up this place and make it a more pleasant living space. Even a bit of landscaping for the summer would be nice. Indoor spaces such as our hallways could use sprucing up given that the concrete is cracked and the stones in front of the first floor apartments are riddled with dirt and heaven knows what else lurks between the rocks.

I realize that this building is under the umbrella of the Commonwealth, but I would hope that the town could start their help and involvement with one small step.


Stephanie Mitchell

Village Court, Mattapoisett